About me


Thank you for visiting Helpingmychildgrow.com

I am a mum of two now grown-up children and a degree qualified Primary School teacher from England with over twenty years of teaching experience. As well as being a class teacher, I was also a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator collaborating with parents, class teachers, educational assistants, educational psychologists and other specialists to help children achieve their social and academic potential.

Since moving to Canada, I have worked as a Child Development Facilitator supporting children with learning differences both in the classroom and off-site in community activities. I have studied with Dyslexia Action International and also become an accredited Standard and Group Stepping Stones Triple P Positive Parenting Program Provider.

I am an accredited ELCC Level 2 educator in Alberta, Canada. I am trained in the delivery of "Flight," the Early Learning and Care Framework in Alberta.

I love working with kids and am passionate about helping them to learn through meaningful experiences.

Through Helpingmychildgrow.com, I hope to share my experience of helping children learn and provide a growing resource of activities and strategies that promote their social and academic learning and development.

I hope that parents and carers will find these helpful and maybe even use one or two!