Learning strategies

In writing this, I hope to share some of the learning strategies that I have used both in the classroom as a teacher, and as a mum with my own kids…

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In everyday speech, the aspiration of the unvoiced plosive phonemes /t/ and /k/ can sometimes be lost when they follow /s/ and a child may pronounce “st” as /sd/, e.g. saying sdop instead of stop, and “sc” or “sk” as /sg/, e.g. saying sgaf instead of scarf.

Playing games, like this version of /st/ /sc/ noughts ...

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As a parent, I have first hand experience of what can only be described as that re-occurring nightmare of trying to help my kids learn their spellings. My kids both found learning spellings challenging and my attempts to help them usually ended in frustration and tears (and I'm not just talking about the kids). They also did little to help their ...

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Think about the visual reminders that you use every day to help you remember what you need to do. I know that I use several different types of visual reminders including a,

  • calendar or diary
  • reminders app on a phone
  • sticky notes
  • to do lists

Just like us, kids need schedules and reminders to help ...