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In writing this, I hope to share some of the learning strategies that I have used both in the classroom as a teacher, and as a mum with my own kids…

Understanding Will - the beginning

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Somewhere during the process of discovering that our son Will, has a poor working memory, dyslexic tendencies and ADHD, we actually sat down and asked Will what he thought that he struggled with, both in and out of school.

His responses were eye-opening, and to be honest shocking, how on earth had we managed to be parents who had totally failed to understand our own child? (Will was 15 at the time we discovered his learning differences)

Still, it was not the time for recriminations, we had to try to understand how Will's brain worked so that we could help him achieve his dreams and potential.

Through the series of blog posts, Understanding Will, we share what we have learnt about Will and how, in understanding him better, we have helped him to develop learning and organizational strategies that have helped him succeed both academically and socially.

And the moral...really talk to, but more importantly listen to your child.