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In writing this, I hope to share some of the learning strategies that I have used both in the classroom as a teacher, and as a mum with my own kids…

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Will finds copying text and diagrams from a whiteboard, book or print-out challenging. He never completes the copying task in the allocated time and his copied work is full of errors.

Hardly surprising as copying is a cognitively demanding task that involves switching between attentional processes.

Before Will can begin ...

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In previous posts, we have talked about some of the effects of Will's poor working memory on his academic progress but it has impacted his social development too.

Poor working memory can delay the development of higher order pragmatic language skills, empathy and understanding.

Will's inefficiencies in switching attention ...

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Will has always has been just Will! A cheeky grin, a great sense of humour and the gift of the gab. Will was an inquisitive toddler, intrigued with all things vehicular. His continual questions, "Why is...?," "What is…?”, whilst exasperating on long car journeys, had us congratulating ourselves as parents that Will was obviously eager ...

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Somewhere during the process of discovering that our son Will, has a poor working memory, dyslexic tendencies and ADHD, we actually sat down and asked Will what he thought that he struggled with, both in and out of school.

His responses were eye-opening, and to be honest shocking, how on earth had we managed to be parents who had totally ...