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As a child, I loved playing with the little circular plastic ball mazes that I found in Christmas crackers and party gift bags.

I now know that playing with ball mazes develops hand-eye co-ordination and that making them is a great STEM activity promoting the development of a number of skills including designing, constructing, problem-solving, testing, and evaluating .

Invite your child to make their own maze out of recycled and household materials using an open-ended question. Then stand back and allow them to follow their own interests as they engage with the materials.

As they create, ask open-ended questions that encourage further exploration and skill development.


  • Tell me about what you are making.

  • I wonder what this bit does?

  • Why did you use tubes instead of sticks?

  • What was the most challenging part to make?

  • I wonder if you could make a maze a different way?

But most of all, be amazed at your child's creativity and problem-solving skills.

Maybe they'll make a maze and maybe not!

Suggested list of resources:

(This is just a suggested list of resources, you do not have to use everything on it. Be creative and use what you have.)

  • Recycled boxes and cardboard tubes e.g. kitchen towel tubes

  • Pipe cleaners, paper straws, lollipop sticks

  • Twigs

  • Lego

  • Objects to roll e.g. pompoms, marbles, ping pong balls, play-dough, small pebbles etc.

  • Paper, card, construction paper

  • Pens, pencils, crayons, ruler

  • Scissors, white craft glue, tape

  • An open-ended question that invites exploration e.g. "I wonder if/how I could make a maze?"

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