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It's great to get outside without wooly hats and gloves and hearing the birds singing again inspired an easy egg themed sensory play activity.

I left some egg-shaped pieces of card, some with numbers written on them, outside with a collection of sticks, stones and leaves and a few crayons. It wasn't long before more sticks and pieces of bark ...

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Play dough is an easy to make, inexpensive, modelling material. It can be made out of just a few ingredients and is a great resource for focused play activities.

Check out Play Dough letter fun for our play dough recipe or print a free copy here

Last ...

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Play dough is an easy to make, inexpensive, modelling material. Using just a few ingredients your kids can make their own modelling dough and sculpt it into their own role-play toys, models and decorations.

Play dough is also a brilliant resource for using in more focused play activities that introduce, practice and develop maths concepts ...

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Autumn, or fall as it's known where I live now, is a great time to get outside with your kids and explore the natural environment.

Grab a paper bag, or recyclable container, and go on a leaf hunt in a local park, or garden. Encourage your child to think about what autumn looks, feels and smells like as they collect leaves, sticks, acorns, ...

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Be creative and develop your maths skills as you print with paint to make repeating pattern art. Display your art work on a wall, or fridge, or use it to make your own wrapping paper and greetings cards.

Go on a repeating pattern hunt around your house and garden.

  • Can you find any examples of repeating patterns, ...

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