The World Outside Your Window

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This invitation to play was set up to encourage children to explore the world outside their window and how it changed over time.

"What can you see?"

"I wonder what might change?"

"Why do you think...?

"I wonder what I would see if I went outside and looked in through the window?

Include things that you know will spark your child's interests, e.g sunglasses, telescope, kitchen towel tubes. I included;

  • The picture book "Window," by Jeannie Baker (to stimulate discussions about how our environment changes through the seasons and over time)

  • Small world play and recycled card "window frames" (to encourage children to use imaginative play to create their own through the window scenes)

  • A plant (as a tree in my through the window scene)

  • A pair of binoculars

  • Coloured prisms (to encourage play with colours and light)

Remember to leave the resources out so that your child can return to play with them and use their play to build on prior experiences and knowledge.

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